Recent Cases

A wife whose husband had secretly used matrimonial funds to purchase a new home for himself. We took swift, decisive action to obtain a financial settlement to compensate her loss and keep the marital home for herself and the children.

A man whose former partner refused to allow him to see their child, despite the child’s wishes. As she refused to attend mediation we issued proceedings for Child Arrangements and successfully secured an order for the child regularly to see and stay with his father.

A man in proceedings for divorce and a financial settlement to secure trust assets both in the UK and abroad. This case involved complex litigation and the commission of forensic accountancy expert advice. Eventually we secured a very satisfactory settlement for both capital and maintenance, at a far more reasonable level than that initially demanded by our client’s former wife.

A woman whose former partner refused to allow their child to accompany her to leave the jurisdiction with her new partner. We issued an application to the court and secured an order to allow the child to reside with mother and return during the school holidays to spend substantial time with his father.

A man to draft a Pre Nuptial Agreement to protect assets in a family trust.