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Goodsell Solicitors is one of the top divorce and Family Law firms in London. We’ve been providing representation in Clapham, Battersea and beyond for over 20 years – offering unparalleled services and clear legal advice. We are skilled, have a detailed knowledge of the law and achieve successful results for all our clients.

We receive numerous instructions to prepare Pre Nuptial Agreements (or Post Nuptial Agreements, drafted after the wedding day), usually to protect property acquired prior to the marriage, an inheritance, or to regulate how marital assets should be divided in the unfortunate event of divorce. Each case is unique and we tailor each Agreement to meet individual needs. As the courts are more likely to pay attention to a well-drafted Agreement, we are confident that you are far more likely to avoid the emotional and financial costs of litigation.
Following the breakdown of a relationship it is imperative to ensure that no time is lost in securing arrangements for the children’s residence and contact. We focus on the child, their best interests, and emotional well-being.
We provide expert advice to guide and assist you through the often distressing circumstances of divorce and separation. We will explain the process towards resolution; we focus on what is in your best interests and will take swift, decisive action to protect your financial assets and your individual well-being.

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We specialise in all aspects of family breakdown including divorce and separation, and financial and family settlements. We are renowned for our speed of action in making the best arrangements for our clients and their families.


As expert family and divorce lawyers, our firm understands the pressure and difficulties you may be going through when you require our services. This is why we will treat you with care and consideration, and do our utmost to achieve the very best results for you and your family.


Our sensitivity and discretion to support you through your difficulties sets us apart from most family lawyers in London. Feel free to read testimonials from some of our clients on our testimonials page.


Our comprehensive range of legal services includes divorce and separation, financial security, pre-nuptial agreements and child matters.


We will take swift and decisive action on your behalf to protect your financial assets and individual wellbeing.


We work to a no-hidden-fee policy, ensuring that legal costs are addressed from the outset. We pride ourselves in offering competitive fees, giving you the best possible value from your London Family solicitor. Our fee structure will be highlighted to you during our first meeting, and payments will be invoiced on a monthly basis, to help you keep track of costs and budget.


We maintain flexible working hours to allow our clients to meet with us at a time that is convenient to them. This means we are able to offer morning, evening and weekend appointments where necessary, to fit in with clients’ work and family schedules.


Please contact us if you need expert help in Family law. We, as family and divorce solicitors, are here to help.

For more information on the services we offer please visit our ‘about us’ and ‘recent cases’ pages to see how we can help. If you would like more information feel free to contact us on 020 7622 2221, or email to enquiries@goodsellssolicitors.co.uk.